Why Women Who Have Lost a Child Can Be Mad

Does it bother most people to watch a friend or family member post their pregnant belly selfies? Or post the cute one-sies and outfits they are getting from friends and family? Probably not bothersome, might annoy a few. 

For a woman who has lost a child and never got to experience some of those moments, its rough. 

I wasn’t even showing at 20 weeks, I have a really long torso and carried the baby really low. I never posted a “baby bump” photo, it simply wasn’t there yet. 

I might have felt the baby move one time, but its hard to tell because I know sometimes that feels like gas. 

I knew my baby’s gender for a week, and had barely got used to the idea of calling ‘it’, ‘her’.

I didn’t get any outfits or clothes. 

For a moment I am going to have a pity party and scroll past all those types of posts as fast as I can.

I am allowed to have that. 

**Doesn’t mean I am not excited for all the pregnant mothers out there. I am so excited for them**


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