Challenge accepted, Dallas Browning

I liked to be challenged. I like when people push me and give me advice. Today I went to lunch with a friend and mentor, Dallas Browning. At one point he asked, “What is your unfair advantage in life?” That is not an easy question. I struggled to find a real answer.

Here are some of the things Dallas pointed out: That I am good at getting stuff done. I have the ability to organize pieces together and make things happen. I am humble about my strengths. I am discerning of people. I am authentic.

My first thoughts go like this as he is saying those things: What do I get done? Here I am 25-years-old with one and a half years left in school. I know I am missing out on opportunities in the working world because I made the decision to go back to school. I am surrounded by 18-22 year-olds, and in some cases competing with them to stand out and get noticed. I’m living in my in-laws basement! I make a couple hundreds dollars a month. Am I humble about my strengths or do I not allow myself to see them? The last two, I totally agree with (see I am not humble about those).

Another thing he asked about was if I blog or write regularly. My heart kind of sinks when I think about how little of writing I do these days.

And so, this is the challenge I referred to, the challenge I am accepting, a blog post is being written. And a series of post will soon follow. Because I need to let go of some fears I have had about myself lately. I need to share my experiences and thoughts somewhere.

I need to unwind from the little ball I curl into and reach out.

Photographer LeeYen
Photographer LeeYen

One thought on “Challenge accepted, Dallas Browning”

  1. Great post! i really need to start blogging again, I always love it when I’m doing it, and I like going back and re-reading stuff! Beautiful picture too!

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