Writing Sample: Five features in GL that save you time.

Caselle’s General Ledger (GL) is the center of the integrated-solutions universe.  Its also the piece that connects your city Treasurer, Utility Manager and Accounts Payable Manager, and makes work easier.

Shelley Reeves, City of Grace ID, said using the checklists in GL is one of her favorite features.

“When I first started here they were a huge help to me, they make everything so easy, just follow the checklist and you’re done,” she said.

Here are five features in GL that offer time-saving, stress-reducing solutions you might not know about

Connects With All Parent Applications

Caselle is a true ERP management software.  GL directly connects with parent applications, eliminating the need for manually recording related transactions. (Go here to see full list of parent applications.)

Includes Budget Routines

The budget routines allow you to easily create new budgets based on prior or current year data. Those amounts can be increased or decreased by a specific percentage during the budget creation process.

Track Cost for Community Events or Projects

By using the Activity Reporting feature you can view the total cost and income for a big event, like a town festival such as New Castle’s Burning Mountain Festival. 

The activity can even span multiple fiscal years, allowing you to see total cost of activity during that time frame. Activities also group costs that may have been recorded using various GL accounts.

Save Time Reconciling by Importing Cleared Checks

Most banks provide you with a way to download cleared transactions. Use this information to import the cleared checks for your bank reconciliation.

Export Information Easily

Do you need to use information from GL in a spreadsheet or other application? Exporting information from General Ledger can be as easy as printing a report, and saving the values to a file. We’ve made it even easier if you use the Caselle add-in for Microsoft Excel to link your spreadsheet directly to the GL database.

Do you have more you’d like to share? Visit our Forum and join the discussion. Share your favorite features with other communities.


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