Update on Bed Rest

Its a mix between feeling like this:


And this:

video-undefined-1A47DB9F00000578-542_636x358I’m almost to week two of finding out bad news about my blood pressure. But I am only a week into official bed rest.

Honesty Time

Week one of cutting back I felt all gung ho about staying productive. Crocheting diaper nappy’s…taking it easy..avoiding binge watching a TV show.

Then the nausea and dull headache started.

Thursday was official bed rest day from the doctor. I also got to visit my uncle and chiropractor Dr Kory Branham from Premier Wellness. I believe in a mixture of modern and holistic medicine, its awesome. He is awesome.

And I still kept a good attitude (ish), avoiding pity partying myself, trying to stick to doctors orders. Had a great lunch with Halen (her cute baby Silas was unfortunately asleep the whole lunch time #hashtagslias), and crocheted like a mad woman (check my Insta @mindycelloing)

Then Monday Came

Something changed on Monday. Suddenly, I didn’t care if I caved and binged watched a TV show (I started watching Suits). I felt sad and lonely (except when Mirinda brought me a Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Salad from Costa Vida).

Bed Rest is not a vacation. Do you know how hard it is to ‘relax’? Cleaning is something that I enjoy.  (I still do laundry, I have to make sure we have clean underwear while my husband is working his butt off at school and work). Going on micro walks with my pretend dogs (because they are so small) is something I miss.

But the Good News

The doctor’s office called on Tuesday and told me some good news about my labs. The protein in my urine was ‘significantly lower and Dr Savage was very happy to see that’. I cried a little bit out of happiness, rubbed my belly and told my baby everything was looking good.

Bed Rest is not a vacation. I have had a dull head ache for a week straight, I get nausea after almost everything I eat. I still have to watch the symptoms and check my blood pressure, but I am two weeks farther and hoping to go two weeks longer. 

One day at a time is the motto in this house (arrest)

And thanks to the friends and family who have been checking up on me, and bringing me food. Today’s meal was Chinese with Ashleigh Baldwin.




One thought on “Update on Bed Rest”

  1. I’m proud of you. I know I would struggle with bed rest too. It was nice to hear from the doc that things are looking good, which means you at least have some pay off! Thanks for taking good care of yourself and our little granddaughter. XO

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