Olive and baby sister birthday week

Our first baby was born on March 25th, 2012. I had developed severe preeclampsia at 20 weeks and had no choice by to deliver.

Today I visited my perinatologist, the same one from three years ago, and he brought up a game plan for delivering my current baby. He said with my health and history, delivering between 37-38 weeks would be his recommendation.

He called my OB and they discussed, she was on the same page.

So this Thursday I will meet with her and we’ll schedule an induction date for either the 27th or 30th of this month.

My little angel baby Olive and her little sister will share birthdays within a week of each other. There is something so tender and poetic about this. It feels right. It’s almost as if this is what the current baby has been waiting for the whole time!

Thoughts on early induction

If my pregnancy had been normal, I am pretty against non-medical inductions. If you are wanting to be induced simply because you are sick of being pregnant, I don’t support it. I understand not everyone feels this way, and everyone needs to do what works for them!

However, my condition is not just because I am sick of being pregnant. (9 weeks of bedrest makes it hard to enjoy being pregnant)

In the past two weeks, and especially since my hospital visit last week, my body is wearing out. I barely did any physical activity anyway, and now it’s even harder to get energy to get up and feed myself!

My blood pressure is still a concern, and it has gotten worse. A “normal” BP for me has been 135/85. And that is after I have maybe gotten up and sat down. The past few weeks it has gotten up to 160/100 just from getting dressed. It takes longer for it to drop. My chronic head aches are getting more and more painful (and Tylenol offers no relief).

Basically, I am grateful that my doctors are okay with inducing me early. I see a light at the end of the tunnel. This has been a long journey.


2 thoughts on “Coincidences”

  1. Gideon and I were just saying the other day that it would be so sweet to have this new baby born on or near Olive’s birthday. Almost there!

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