Honest’s Engagement Map

High Engagement Fans

Based off sharers on Buzzsumo

  • Women ages 30-40
  • Women who own businesses
  • Animal Lovers
  • People who are part of the holywood scene, actors or semi famous bloggers
  • People who work with kids/organizations for kids
  • Holistic Health
  • People that support the “green” movement
  • People that like the outdoors


Honest Company has a lot of bloggers and online stores as Influencer and Amplifiers. I’d like to point out that one of the founders is actress Jessica Alba, so she herself is an influencer and potential amplifier. Most of the following sites listed were found through their Pinterest board.


  • Jessica Alba
  • Honest Company
  • Target

Partner Content

Their main partner is Target, who launched their product about a year ago.

Target’s Pinterest has similar boards to Honest’s. Home decorating, health and fintess, Baby Products, Food, DIY, Organization, Family Activities, Gifts for Kids, Back to School, Down to Earth (going green) and PIns You Love (which one of the top pins is Honest’s diapers).

There is definitely similar content to Honest’s targeted demogaphics.


  • Issues with the BBB
    • Complaints are not about Product itself, rather, trying to cancel membership fee after a free trial package
  • Shady factory in China

Demographic Trends

  • Women
  • Women who like DIY crafts
  • Women who want kids/have kids
  • Interested in fashion trends for kids
  • Home organization/decorating
  • Fashion and Fitness
  • Foodies
  • Alternative medicine
  • Oragnic
  • Gardening
  • Home Decorating

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