The Honest Company’s Content Analysis

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 6.00.04 PM

Before creating this word cloud i knew some of the biggest words would be “organic”, “recipes” and “diy”. Honest does a really good job at posting interesting content. Their #1 shared posts had nothing to do with product, not a recipe, not a diy craft. It was about 9 INSPIRING ECO-HEALTHY SCHOOLS . That post is still on brand because they are all about natural and eco friendliness.

When they did post about product, they shared HOW to use it. When they posted about their healing balm they shared five ways to use it, but they also ASKED their followers to share other ways it could be used.

The next level up popular posts was DIY recipes and crafts. They ranged from being geared toward adults, or things that you do WITH your kids. Honest always seems to find away to tie in kids and moms very well.

Other popular posts reign on taking care of Moms. Beauty tips, how to do yoga. There was also that wholistic/organic blogs (essential oils how tos), which confirms my research of Honest’s Engagement Map.


One thought on “The Honest Company’s Content Analysis”

  1. Mindy,
    How did I miss commenting on this? Did it get posted late? Anyway, thanks for going through this exercise. I hope it was helpful in prepping you for next week. Fascinating that their top shared post was a “non-product just sharing expert opnion about something we care about” post. What do you learn from that about their community? Is it their community that shared that post? Or was it coopted by another community do you think (the schools themselves or something)?

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