Reddit Quiz

1) Subreddits are categories on reddit /r/loseit, for example is a subreddit for weight loss tips. It is a way for users to filter categories they are interested in, and avoid the ones they don’t to see.

2) i am a _____”Ask Me Anything” subreddit. Big name celebrities from actors to businessmen have used reddit’s AMA subreddit, including Chris Rock, Will Ferrill, Bill Gates and Daniel Radcliffe to name a few. I actually read through some of theirs and I can hear their voices in the text. They’ve been getting more news because they’ve been filming these people as well.

3) A) Don’t just jump in right away with testing out the waters. Users are scored just as much as posts, if you get downvoted as a user you will be discredited and be lost into the oblivion. B) Take a day or two just looking through reddit before trying to make posts. 3) Use material from your website, but “redditfy it”.

4) I don’t remember exactly, but I know that it supports the redditt financially. Is it a way to become a subsriber? There were a lot of terms .


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