Family trip to Arizona 2014

Halfway stop in Vega, 12/28
We made our first, full family road trip with Ange! We left Utah December 28th nice and early.  Ange was such a champ in the car, with very little crying (despite her teeth trying to cut btw).

We stayed in a condo with the extended Burton family (aside from Lear who is serving a mission in California).

On our first day we went bowling with everyone, Perry smoked us all. Later that night we met with Karen’s family friends, the Knudsens, at the Mesa Arizona temple. It was fun to see all the lights and Ange seemed to enjoy all the colors.

On Wednesday we went to the “Hall of Flame” with Gray. It is a big museum with a bunch of old Fire Trucks! It was really cool to see how they’ve developed over the years and it was just fun to do something different and unique.

On Thursday we went to The Lost Dutchman State Park and did a 2.5 miles hike. Ange did pretty well, but she got pretty crappy and eventually cried herself to sleep. It was nice to be able to be outside in the middle of winter and feel the sun on our faces. Later that day we took Ange swimming, which she LOVED. She showed no fear in the pool.

Daddy carrying Ange on the hike, 12/31
Beautiful hike in The Lost Dutchman state park, 12/31
On Friday me and Perry took a walk and got the chance to talk about life in Arizona, if we decided it as an option for grad school. Arizona is a fun place and it would definitely be a place we could see ourselves living. One fun thing about their cities is that nothings is centralized. You have everything you need in your city. Another great thing is there are a lot of Church members in Arizona so we’d definitely have a community to help us in finding housing and welcome us to a new place.

Friday we got to go swimming again and even submerged Ange all the way, just once. Perry was nervous of me doing this, but I totally believe in getting kids comfortable in the water as soon as possible. If you can create positive experience around the pool it makes them more confident in the water. And, she did great. I blew on her face, put her under and popper her out! She only coughed a little bit but I think it was mostly from shock.

Ange’ loved splashing around, 1/1/15
Ange reaching up to Grandma Burton, 1/1/15
We had a pretty easy drive home. Ange was again a peach. A few times she got fussy I just reached back and held her hand, and that would calm her down.

I can’t believe how much Ange is progressing. During this trip she officially learned to crawl (before she was just doing a little worm scoot thing). While we were waiting for teeth 5 and 6 to cut on the top, she had a third tooth cut through on the bottom! That is almost 7 teeth already!! And just today she pulled herself onto her knees near the couch. The time for baby proofing the house has come.

Playing around with Gray's and Mommy's hair
Playing around with Gray’s and Mommy’s hair

I loved creating memories together on this trip. It really makes me look forward to creating more as a family. I don’t do new years resolutions, but I definitely thing there are things I could be working on, but I’ll leave that for another entry.



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