New Semester, New Achievements For Baby, New Insecurities

Well, a new semester begun last week. I am enrolled in 5 classes: PR Capstone,  Business Marketing, Senior Writing, and two online religion courses.

So far. So good. (And yes, I realized its only been the first two weeks)

I joined an indoor soccer team last week. My first game I felt great. I didn’t let a single goal into the net. Last night was a little harder. The opposing team was really fast and there were a few shots where I didn’t do my best as goal-keeper. But, I want to get better and am going to keep a good attitude.

Little Ange’ is getting into everything. She had a lot of firsts this week, some more fun than others: She went to her first InstaCare visit after having a fever for a day and through the night that wouldn’t break (just a pre-infection that we caught before it was too bad). She is totally confident with crawling and today she pulled herself up to her feet for the first time. She also tested out dog for the first time as well…

I haven’t told Perry about that yet.


Two Sundays ago I started working on some goals I wanted to make for 2016. I went pretty in-depth. On the first day of school I had Halen watch Ange’. When I picked her up I mentioned some of these goals to Halen, namely, getting my house organized.

She brought up a Japanese method of where you organize your stuff by category, verses, going room-to-room. This is not the first time I’ve heard of this method. Intrigued–I decided to find what this method was all about.

“The magic of tidying up” aka KonMari method is what it’s called. I spent all last week reading the book and finished it! I had decided that last Sunday I would begin the journey (but I held off because Ange was sick) of KonMari tidying.

There is a methodology that she urges people to follow to the T. It is easy to remember:

Declutter before organizing: Most of us have far more items than we need and can take care of. In order to organize everything in the house, we have to know everything we own! We begin decluttering by category because we often came items from the same category in different places. It is hard to decide what to keep or get rid of if you can’t do the same category all at once. 

When it comes to choosing which items to keep, it can be tricky. Most of us become very analytical thinking: “it would be a waste” “this was a lot of money” “I might wear it again.” But we have to lead with our heart and keep only the items that truly make us happy.

  1. Hold each item in your hand and ask “Does this spark joy?” If it the answer is not an immediate yes then you should probably discard it
  2. If you have a hard time discarding ask what purpose it filled/fills, thank the item for being there when you needed it and discard it.

I have a lot of items–whether it be clothes or miscellaneous– that I’ve formed an emotional attachment with. I worry if I get rid of the item then I will forget the memory that goes with it.

It’s time to make changes. It’s time to be in the present.

When it’s time to organize: Store items vertically, in drawers if possible, so you can always see your items. It’s easy to forget you have an article of clothing if you have put it somewhere you never see. Store items categorically as well so you don’t fall into the trap of accumulating more items.

How to avoid rebounding: Do all the steps I’ve mentioned, but most importantly Make sure everything has it’s own place. 

I am so excited for that one. The idea of knowing where all my items are will save me time! It will decrease stress!

Speaking of other benefits, the author of the book discusses how tidiness can have an effect on other aspects of our life. I really believe this will happen.

In fact, it is already happening. Just by trying to take in some of her methods and way of thinking (thanking my items after I use them everyday, trying to put things back where they belong, etc) has made our house feel more put together. I’ve been able to stay caught up on laundry. I have felt like being home!

I have a long road ahead and it’s going to start on Saturday. First thigns first: blouses, shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, underwear. Then we move onto books, papers, makeup, hair stuff, miscellaneous and then the hardest — photographs, trinkets, collectables etc.

I can do this.



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